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Two-Week Sleep Consultation


  • Customized sleep plan            (3 months - 6 years)

  • Two weeks of unlimited text message support 

  • Two 30-minute phone consultations - one to be used at the beginning to review the sleep plan, and the other to be used at any time within the 2 weeks.


Ask-Me-Anything Call


This 30-minute call is only for families that have children already independently sleeping (3 months-12 years)  but looking to troubleshoot a particular problem.

This call may also be used to troubleshoot newborn issues prior to sleep training.


Just the Sleep Plan


  • Customized sleep plan (3 months - 12 years)

  • One 30-minute phone consultation to review the plan and answer any questions.

Perfect for families that need direction and a plan but not the virtual support.

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