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Virtual Sleep Consulting
for ages 0-12 years old


I help parents who want to set healthy and loving boundaries for their children with my unwavering support!

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The last thing an exhausted parent wants to do:

  • Read all of the sleep books

  • Research training methods

  • Figure out how much sleep their child needs

  • Find a schedule to follow

  • Learn about wake windows

  • Know which sleep regression is coming​

 --all while having a sleeping baby ​hold you hostage as they contact nap on your chest so that you can get absolutely nothing else done. I HAVE BEEN THERE. Twice with my own boys, and with the multiple children I have nannied over the years. My liberator was sleep training and I want that freedom for you as well!

I have done all of that work for you so you can get a simple plan to follow specifically tailored to your family. 

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Why should you sleep train?

Sleep training is not something you do to your child, it is something you do for your child. Sleep is an essential part of your child's development. You teach your child to eat healthy foods and take care of their bodies but sometimes sleep is neglected. Children can suffer from sleep deprivation the same way adults do.


Issues caused by sleep deprivation:

  • Overstimulation

  • Trouble feeding

  • Lack of energy

  • Prone to illness

  • Difficulty recovering when upset

  • Behavioral problems

  • Hormone imbalance

  • Growth/development issues

If you're struggling with inconsistent sleep, contact naps, short naps, multiple night wakings, day/night confusion, or looking to troubleshoot your schedule, I can help you!

Sleep training does not have to mean cry it out. We can do gradual, fast, or anything in between. There is no one-size-fits-all option.

I will evaluate your child's sleep patterns + schedule + their sleep environment combined with your parenting style to create a customized sleep plan that will help everyone get the rest they need to thrive.


What My Well-Rested Clients Are Saying 

"I contacted Jaclyn because my 12-year-old son had been having trouble falling asleep at night. He was asking for someone to be in his room. She asked me a few questions and she gave us guidance. He is now falling asleep on his own.

Robbin, mom of a 12-year-old

"Sleepless in the Valley for the win! So thankful Jaclyn was able to help us get our two kids back on track. Jaclyn was so patient and understanding and I can't believe we were just living our lives with such little sleep. Our kids are so much happier now that they're getting THEMSELVES back to sleep in the middle of the night. We are done with sleepless nights!!!"

-Jordan, dad of a 2 & 4-year-old

"My daughter has always had sleep difficulties​ since she was 2 years old. I was starting to lose faith I'd ever get a full night's sleep again and I thought I had tried all of the tricks. Jaclyn was able to help us and give us a few more tips and tricks to add into our routine, and I can say she is sleeping through the night 98% of the time now and I could not be happier! A full night's sleep has done wonders for both of us. Thank you!

-Kendra, mom of an 8-year-old

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